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‘Thank You’ Coffee Hour

Posted on: June 8, 2017
On Tuesday June 6 from 8:30am-9:30am, Waverly hosted a ‘thank-you’ coffee hour for our Waverly school volunteers and community partners.
There was coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and breakfast treats in the cafeteria to acknowledge our wonderful volunteers and community partners who devoted their time and talent to Waverly school and students this school year.  Special thank you to the following individuals:
Gale Blasquez
Amelia Cardosa
Christi Clark
Toney Cunningham
Tim Dodson
Karen Eaton
Victoria Elligsen
Dani Finlay
Yan Fu
Judy Gibson
Warren Gibson
Lyla Heinz
Lynn and Glenn Hubert
Bekah Johnson
Betty Jones
Sarah Jones
Lindsey Louk
Ralph Maggie
Lorelei Matthews
Sally and Claire McMorris
Maira Mendoza
Leticia Mendoza-Cortes
Erin Mitchell
Kari Riley
Harry and Heather Reich
Kailey Robinson-McKay
Sicily Scott
Marcia Swanson
Carole Thomas
Imagean Thompson
Ashley Torrez
Monica Weber
Walt Whitson
Claudia Zuniga
Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Waverly and our wonderful staff and students.